Indoor and outdoor residential lifts: models and prices

How to choose an elevator

Residential lifts are the right solution for overcoming architectural barriers and giving a plus to your home. Not requiring too much space and having an affordable cost, you can install them without any inconvenience.

A residential lift can be installed to overcome differences in height of up to 12 meters. It can be studied and adapted to your home design. There is no need to carry out new construction works or building works. AreaLift mini lifts are very light: they can be installed on existing floors; they are comfortable and very silent. They are safe, as required by current regulations and with top quality anti-seismic structure.

Residential lifts can be the ideal solution to break down architectural barriers in your home. They can be installed in small apartment buildings and public places, proving to be a much cheaper solution than the traditional lifts. The right solution between comfort and feasibility is adapting a mini lift in historical contexts. Therfore, let’s see which are the best-selling residential lifts among  AreaLift models.

DomoFlex Indoor and DomoFlex Outdoor

The main products are the residential lifts of the DomoFlex line. Adaptable both indoor and outdoor, they offer several advantages:

  • Quiet: they emit 48 dB at full capacity, just like a common refrigerator
  •  Capacious: maximum load 500kg
  • Quick to install: delivered already pre-assembled, they do not require building works.
  • Safety: equipped with anti black-out mechanism and with totally anti-seismic structures

DomoFlex Indoor is suitable for interiors; our technical team will be able to offer you a bespoke construction of the platform. Our elevators can be equipped with glass walls, in order to integrate perfectly with your home. If you require an outdoor model, we are committed to providing a safe outdoor  platform with wear and weather resistant materials. After the assembly, you won’t have to worry about anything.

DomoFlex Open Indoor and Outdoor

An open lift is much more convenient for some people. This for several reasons: it can easily reach even floors and attics of reduced height and be installed in a short time, limiting any inconvenience to the customer. This lift meets all safety standards, it is silent and light. Despite being open, it still manages to carry up to 400kg.

The outdoor model respects exactly the same standards, but it is equipped to withstand atmospheric agents, even the most rigid ones. The top quality materials used by AreaLift are guaranteed.

DomoFlex Capriccio: an excellent compromise between comfort and lightness

DomoFlex Capriccio is a hybrid between an open lift and a cabin lift. Unique in design, it offers continuous cuts of light, creating perfect harmony. It is designed to guarantee the highest safety and comfort standards, and it can carry up to 500kg. This lift is ideal for small multi-storey houses and for important  differences in height. Breaking down architectural barriers without distorting one’s home, DomoFlex Capriccio is the perfect solution.