Indoor elevators: which one to choose, models and prices

How to choose an elevator

Indoor elevators are the ideal solution to break down architectural barriers and promote micro mobility from one floor to another. There are several models for indoor elevators: those for multi level buildings, capable of carrying up to 8/10 people at the same time, but they require masonry works and wide spaces. There are also smaller alternatives for buildings with  lower needs

When we think of indoor elevators, we imagine lifts that need big spaces and high energy consumption to function. More and more customers have been recently loooking  for indoor elevators, equally functional and safe, but with reduced dimensions. The ideal place for installing these lifts is inside a multi-storey private house or in a small apartment building.

AreaLift mini lifts manage to overcome high differences of up to 12 meters and can carry up to 500kg. The main advantage is that there is no need of manosry works: the mini lifts work without the need for a pit or machine room: our staff will install the lift that has already been pre-assembled and already contains all the necessary wiring.

Indoor elevators: which are the best models?

At AreaLift we can offer you some models highly appreciated by our customers. The indoor mini-lifts of the DomoFlex line are made according to the most up-to-date safety standards and, moreover, they can be customized in style, so as to adapt perfectly to the furnishings and colors of the home.

DomoFlex Indoor: all the features

DomoFlex Indoor has all the characteristics of an elevator, but is designed to adapt to private and quite contexts. Its travel, in fact, does not disturb the quiet of the house: its sound emissions at full speed are only 48 dB, just like a modern refrigerator. The maximum capacity is 400kg, therefore sufficient to transport a few people in total safety.

DomoFlex Indoor is made to be used safely. In addition to being used on intermediate floors without structural interventions, it is equipped with an anti black-out system: at the first power outage, the platform will go to the first useful floor, so as never to get stuck. Maximum possibility of customization both on colour and  material of the platform, and of the structure. To be resistant but at the same time very light, our indoor structures are made of aluminum which can be painted in different colours. The platform wall is available in both painted metal sheet and stainless steel.

DomoFlex Open Indoor: to take up as little space as possible

DomoFlex Open Indoor has the same functionality as the previous model, but with the particularity that it is not equipped with a closed top head. This type of mini- lift is highly recommended for reaching floors or attics, where the roof is very low, but also for walls and floors that cannot bear excessive weight. The structure is equipped with a safety gate and can transport up to 400kg in complete safety. The assembly, will not cause any inconvenience, as the installation is simple and the AreaLift platforms are always delivered pre-assembled. The mini -lifts can be the ideal solution to ensure mobility even within the walls of the house.